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Open Aceptación Cuentas Maestras SGP para RegistroAceptación Cuentas Maestras SGP para Registro6/9/16 3:08 PM  
Open AmazonasAmazonas5/25/16 12:24 PM  
Open AntioquiaAntioquia5/25/16 2:50 PM  
Open AraucaArauca5/25/16 2:51 PM  
Open AtlanticoAtlantico5/25/16 2:51 PM  
Open BolivarBolivar5/25/16 2:51 PM  
Open BoyacaBoyaca5/25/16 2:52 PM  
Open CaldasCaldas5/25/16 2:52 PM  
Open CaquetaCaqueta5/25/16 2:53 PM  
Open CasanareCasanare5/25/16 2:53 PM  
Open CaucaCauca5/25/16 2:54 PM  
Open CesarCesar5/25/16 2:54 PM  
Open ChocoChoco5/25/16 2:54 PM  
Open CordobaCordoba5/25/16 2:54 PM  
Open CundinamarcaCundinamarca5/25/16 2:55 PM  
Open GuainiaGuainia5/25/16 2:55 PM  
Open GuajiraGuajira5/25/16 2:55 PM  
Open GuaviareGuaviare5/25/16 2:56 PM  
Open HuilaHuila5/25/16 2:56 PM  
Open MagdalenaMagdalena5/25/16 2:56 PM  
Open MetaMeta5/25/16 2:57 PM  
Open NariñoNariño5/25/16 2:57 PM  
Open NorteSantanderNorteSantander5/25/16 2:57 PM  
Open PutumayoPutumayo5/25/16 2:58 PM  
Open QuindioQuindio5/25/16 2:58 PM  
Open RisaraldaRisaralda5/25/16 2:58 PM  
Open SanAndresSanAndres5/25/16 2:58 PM  
Open SantanderSantander5/25/16 2:59 PM  
Open SucreSucre5/25/16 2:59 PM  
Open TolimaTolima5/25/16 2:59 PM  
Open ValleCaucaValleCauca5/25/16 2:59 PM  
Open VaupesVaupes5/25/16 3:00 PM  
Open VichadaVichada5/25/16 3:00 PM